2. Methods

2.1 Equipment

We require the following materials for the construction of the greenhouse:

The actual greenhouse:

Big Tank:
Length 370 mm, Width 300mm, Height 225 mm

Small Tank:
Length 270mm, Width 200mm, Height 165mm

- A metal pipe to help in the process of cooling the water.

- PVC pipes to allow water to be pumped through the space between the tanks.

- PVC pipe for airflow for the plant.

Irrigation system:

- A valve controlled by a servo motor on an arduino board

- An interval of 8 hours for the plants to be watered


- Hot glue gun
- Dremel
- Hand Saw

2.2 Diagram

2.3 Procedures

1. Making of the airflow : First, we have to measure the diameter of the PVC pipe which is 2.5 cm. Then, we draw out a diameter of 2.7 cm on the two tanks so as to fit the PVC pipe in easily. When we fit PVC pipe in, we take a hot glue gun and glue the PVC pipe to both the boxes. Thus this PVC becomes the passageway for the airflow.

2. Making of the rainwater collector : First, we need to remove the lid of the box. Then, we have to make as many small holes as possible. This is to ensure to maximise the rainwater collection and to reduce large stuff like leaves to fall into the collector. After this, we have to make a hole for the PVC pipe which is 2.7 cm. Then, we have to hot glue the area to keep the PVC pipe intact.

3. Making of the connection for the water flow : First, we need to cut a PVC pipe that has a length between 10 and 30 cm. Then, we will have to make two holes for the PVC pipe which is 2.7 cm on the sides of the big and the small tank. After that, we connect PVC pipe through the holes and hot glue it.

4. Adding the servo motor : First, we have to cut out a plastic circle bigger than the hole of the PVC pipe. Then, we hot glue the plastic to the PVC pipe. With the remaining space, a hole that is the size of the servo motor has to be drilled. Next, we connect the servo to the plastic with the use of scotch tape.

2.4 Risk Assessment and Management

We may get cut when using the drill and handling wood and plastics as they are sharp.

Flying splinters are a hazard when cutting wood.

Safety goggles and gloves are to be used at all times when handling tools.

We also have to clear out the leftover scraps or wood chips so as to not injure ourselves.

We may scald our fingers when operating the glue gun, as the device requires high heat in order to function.

2.5 Data Analysis

After construction, we will start growing the plants in the greenhouse.

The greenhouse held the plants perfectly and also maintained the temperature at 0ÂșC with the help of ice.

It is a cold environment so it tricks the plant into thinking it is winter, thus increasing the growth rate of the plant.

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